This beautiful and touching animation was made to promote the new name of the Hospital of Cancer of Barretos, who changed to Hospital of Love.

Hope this message encourages all those patients and family members, doctors and nurses,
who fight against this cruel disease. 

Believe it. Love can make everything better.

Very proud to be part of ZOMBIE STUDIO LTDA team, who made all this effor worth.
My role in this project was to animate and simulate the ballons and ropes, the breaking and demolition stuffs, sand, dust, some tears and clouds.

See the complete credits in the Zombie Studio project page.



Ballons & Ropes animation and simulation were made using nCloth

Houdini was used for all other efects like shattering, destruction, dust, grains, clouds, etc.

Also some procedural modeling has been made. Like the shattered wood ground.

Bellow are some stills from the movie.