This animation, made for Ford Motor Company, is about the relevance of those who delivery our stuff, transporting our needs, bringing progress and development across the country, helping people to make their dreams come true. The truck drivers are fundamental in today's Brazil.



I came into this project to work in different parts of the process. First I started helping with the layout and camera animation of several shots. Later with the camera tracking and scene assemble of the live action footage shots. Finally I did the FX (fire, smoke, fluids) and the cloth simulation of the bride's dress.


Layout & Animation

Below are some layout sequences that I did in this movie, followed by the final animation.

After the storyboard and animatic process, comes the layout and set dressing, which proved very important to act like a spatial and measurable guide to animators and other artists, such as surfacing, effect artists, etc.

The engine camera animation should smoothly merge with the live action camera. A previs of the whole sequence was necessary to be used as reference when the shot was record. The result is a fine fusion between the full CG and the live action footage, as you can see above.


Cloth Simulation

The first shot was the most challenging of the sequence, since the bride was supposed to lift her dress gracefully to take her first step along the path.
Some helpers were animated to slowly lift both sides accord to animation. After several adjustments, here is the final version. :)

Below are some stills from the movie.